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None of these Cases had engaged the services of a Cable Locator

The following are just a few examples of actual cases that of service damage where prior knowledge of plant location would have saved hard earned dollars.
As a Telstra Lineman the most common damage I attended was the result of the homeowner or fence contractor digging through a pipe or cable. In some cases where a lead-in cable had been cut, I found the wires twisted back together & wrapped with plastic, the hole filled in as if all would be forgiven, leaving the resident unaware of an issue until next time it rained.

Remember, you do not want to find that underground service, cable or pipe the Expensive way!

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Phone, Gas and Water were all damaged by excavation for this retaining wall.

Homeowner excavating for retaining wall found Telstra Conduit only a few inches below surface

805 794 799 800
Contractor broke Telstra conduit, (put plastic bag over damaged cable), cut bollard short so it would fit & finished job as if there was no problem.

365 360 362
Contractor who dug this hole had 'Dial Before You Dig' plan showing no cable in this location.

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Though not caused by digging this is an example showing old lead & paper insulated underground cables are still in use, If you damage one you do need to worry. 300 customers affected. Cost recovery on this job would have been around $25,000 . Businesses affected can sue for loss of revenue.

Close call for this excavation, power & sewer narrowly missed.





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