Why do I need a Location Service ?

Telstra stopped providing a Cable Location service many years ago. Plans for most underground service providers can be obtained from 1100, Dial Berore you Dig, a free service. There are no guarantees given as to the accuracy of the plans and the onus is on the excavator to have the cables located before work commences.

It is essential for anyone that is going to carry out any digging or excavation to first contact Dial Before You Dig, be it on Private or Public property.

Typically the service provider plans are reasonably accurate, but in many cases only give a 'best guess' of the location of underground assets. Gas & Water service lines to your property are not marked at all. It is also important to bear in mind that the levels of ground surfaces are often altered as part of development works carried out over the years. As a consequence, depth of cables can be substantially more or less than the original installation depth and need to be confirmed.

The problem is compunded due to the varying regulations at the time of installation. Underground cables could be anywhere from just under the surface to 450mm deep. A fence pole needs to be 600 mm deep - not hard to do the maths!

In rural areas cables are often laid inside property boundaries. Soil ripping for vines is usually well below the depth of both electrical and telecom cables. Dont let your ripper tyne be your cable locator.

Refer: Paragraph 1, WorkSafe Victoria: Trenching & Excavation Checklist for Builders and Building Trades Contractors

You do not want to find that cable the Expensive way !

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